The Approach
The Constellation Approach™ originates from the methodology of systemic therapy, which looks at life as a whole versus isolated incidents of wounding or pain. By viewing family situations with a wider lens, we gain insights into the deeper reasons that cause things to occur such as why individuals are denied a place or not spoken of and why behavioral patterns appear to repeat, often unconsciously, from one generation to the next.

Bert Hellinger calls this larger field the Family Soul, we've named it the Family Energy Field. It serves as the basis for exploring and understanding our relationships as well as eventually constructing solutions to unresolved issues. The Family Soul includes both the living and the dead and has a deep effect on the present generation.

The Constellation Approach™ allows a deep soul-level healing to take place by leading us past societal ideas of morality to a holographic understanding of why events happen in the context of love and loyalty to the family, It is a way to work experientially and energetically in a gentle, safe and supportive environment.

This method looks at the patterns within the Family Energy Field. Bert Hellinger calls these patterns "orders of love"-- meaning where love needs to open and move so that it can flow freely. A few of these orders are that there is a natural and important sequencing of members that comprise a family, that everyone is included in the family -- no matter what happened -- and that no one can take on another's destiny.
Now is the time to understand
That all your ideas of right
and wrong
Were just a child’s training
To be laid aside
So you can finally live
With truthfulness
And love
Now is the time for the
World to know
That every thought and
action is sacred.
This is the time
For you to deeply compute
the impossibility
that there is anything
But Grace.
Now, why not consider
a lasting truce with
And the past.