Supporting world peace, one family at a time...
Our work is based on the Family Constellation method of Bert Hellinger and the extensive body of knowledge that has developed around this methodology over the last 30 years.  Family Constellations are practiced on every continent, in numerous languages.  It is a testimony to the power of this simple, direct and amazing type of therapy that there are close to 100 books published, 64 written by Bert Hellinger himself on the subject.

The Constellation Approach™ first and foremost helps a person connect to their ancestral lineage to clear unresolved energetic entanglements that may prevent the individual from having a full and happy life.  This approach can help clarify, resolve, bring peace, or show a way forward to anyone who sincerely enters into the Constellation process with an open mind and willingness to learn something different about their life situation.

We have worked with hundreds of people using the Constellation Approach™ and can honestly say that it has transformed lives.  It has certainly shifted ours for the better.

family healing
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What does our heart listen to?
It listens to the rhythm of life and the rhythm of love.
It receives its pulse from this beat.

When we are attuned, we hear this rhythm with our heart; we resonate in harmony with it.

~Bert Hellinger