Our Perspective
Our perspective on Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation method is grounded in our training with the former Bert Hellinger Institute USA and from more than 20 years of extensive experience learning, practicing and teaching the healing arts.

We begin from the premise that humans are spiritual beings having a human experience and have chosen to incarnate exactly as we are into our particular soul family. There is a veil of illusion that prevents us from fully understanding who we are in relation to this multi-generational ancestral soul family. We play a very important part in the healing and evolution of our soul group but cannot comprehend it unless one moves past the personality and ideas of right and wrong. Through the Constellation Approach™, it is possible to get a glimpse of the soul agreements between family members and begin to realize that one needs to go beyond the conscious mind to understand our place in this vast tapestry of life.

Each family has a large energy field that encapsulates it. The energy field is often visualized as concentric circles. The first circle starts with the individual then moves out to include parents and siblings, grandparents and their siblings with the flow continuing outward through each generation to form more circles, like planets around the sun.

Our approach to working with constellations follows the principle of healing which states that all energetic systems seek a state of balance to be healthy. Individuals and groups have an unconscious and continual desire to achieve this state of equilibrium. Whether working in a private session or in a seminar, our approach helps bring imbalances to light and restores equilibrium through awareness, insight and resolution.

How It Works
The Constellation Approach™ works because participants agree to enter into a larger experience of consciousness than is generally accessible. Each representative appears able to tap into the individual energy field of the person they are representing and report how that person feels, and even acts, towards others in the group. This phenomenon (that which is experienced but can't be explained) is part of the greater mystery that makes the Constellation Approach™ so powerful to experience. There is knowledge available to us when we allow ourselves to go beyond our mental understanding of life's events and situations. When we permit ourselves to open up and let go of preconceived ideas, opinions or formulas, and to surrender -- it is then that our perception intensifies, the unknown becomes known, a deeper truth is found, and the next step for healing appears.

As a group, the client, facilitator and those people willing to act as representatives, all agree to enter into the unknown, where the mysterious healing potential of a constellation can take place. At the start of our seminars, we set the intention for this to happen by performing a simple blessing with poetry, prayer, song, silent meditation, or guided imagery that calls forth the ancestors of all those in the room. We sit together with reverence as we align our desire for truth and integrity to be present for this deeply personal journey. For those with little or no experience in such work, we teach how to become an open vessel for direct knowing so that they can be reliable representatives in the Constellations and relax around expectations of doing it right.

The Phenomena
There are two aspects of the Constellation Approach™ that are truly phenomenological. The first is when representatives receive information and feelings about the people they represent that they could not have possibly known. The second occurs when the constellation seems to have an effect on those being represented but not present in the room at the time.

This phenomenological space is a like a two way street. In it we can receive information from other parts of our own consciousness, but it is also where information can be transmitted to others, where knowledge and information become boundary-less and physical reality is transcended.

It is as if the rebalancing of the Family Energy Field somehow travels through space, over time, and reaches the people represented in the constellation. Some liken the Constellation Approach™ to sacred ritual, and in a way it is. The power and strength of rituals are very real, as is the power and effect of this work when done with heartfelt integrity.
Ours is the time that knows
no bounds,
When we enter this space
all is forgotten,
and forgiven only love,
only life.
This moment flushes out
the wounds of the past
and leaves our hearts open,
ready to receive
like never before.
We are endless,
we are one,
in this boundless time.