Other Applications for the Approach
The Constellation Approach™ is effective in addressing many life situations, not solely family issues. Other areas include couple and partner relationships, chronic illness and disease, work, career and with businesses and organizations. In these instances, we begin with the presenting issue and look to see if there are any insights to be gained from observing the group energy field that may be affecting the individual.

Constellations can also be used successfully to gain understanding for more specific issues such as money, adoption, pregnancy, life direction, work or connection to spirit. The application of the process is similar as with family constellation sessions, the main difference being whom the representatives represent, and where the origin of the issue begins. Like all constellations these also hold the potential for healing or for guidance.

Whether clients come to us with concerns regarding work, relationships or their illnesses, the same core question seems to be being asked:  "I am not at peace and I am paying a price I can no longer afford.  I would like to understand the deeper reasons for my unhappiness and how I can move toward a more fulfilling experience of my life."
Private Constellation Sessions for:
Couples, Partners and other Relationships
It is extremely effective to work with personal issues using constellations in a group setting. To do so, the individual presents their issue and a desire to understand or heal in some way, curiosity is not enough to promote movement and resolution through this approach. When done in a private setting, constellations are created through the use of colored mats, spirit footprints or small figurines in place of representatives.

Phone Constellations are another great way to work with a facilitator if travel to an appointment or seminar is difficult. In this case clients work with whatever objects they have at hand --- chess pieces, nail polish bottles, sea shells, rocks, spice bottles and all sorts of small objects seem to work well. Using post it notes or small pieces of paper with the names of the people in the constellation is also very effective. Since the client is infusing the energy of that person into the object, anything can be used to represent a person or thing.

Over the course of the last 10 years, we have witnessed the very profound healing effect private constellations can have on clients. The facilitator and client enter into a sacred meeting ground of personality and spirit. Within that intimate space of a session, the client goes on a healing journey with their constellation accompanied by the facilitator that in our experience happens rarely when only in therapeutic dialog.

Couples, Partners and other Relationships
As the saying goes, "We bring our baggage with us into each new relationship." The issues that arise in relationships are as diverse and endless as relationships themselves. The Constellation Approach™ is useful for couples trying to understand the hidden dynamics influencing them, and is equally effective for individuals striving to understand why they have difficulty starting or sustaining relationships. This work often covers topics such as infertility, terminated pregnancy, sexuality, infidelity, addiction, and previous relationships. Couples constellations can be done within a seminar setting or privately.

In these situations, conscious and unconscious generational entanglements preventing true love from flowing freely have the opportunity to be revealed and explored. By turning back and looking openly at the family or past relationships, individuals begin understanding where they are still loyal to others, harboring excess guilt, or carrying someone else's fate as if it's their own.

Constellations may be as simple as a placement of representatives for each of the two persons involved, or may become as complex as including past partners, children or parents of the couple. The spirit of the work is to attempt to discover the entanglements that are preventing the couple, or the individual, from moving into a fuller experience and expression of love. One of the things that is extremely empowering for any relationship is when a partner is witnessed by the other doing their personal constellation. The best words we can use to describe the experience that one feels for the other is usually respect, understanding and compassion -- what great things to add to any relationship!

Constellations for:
Illness and Disease
Work, Career, Businesses & Organizations
Illness and Disease
The intention of using the Constellation Approach™ when working with issues of illness is not to cure the disease, but rather to try and understand the hidden dynamics that may have lead to or contributed to the condition. The act of uncovering these dynamics may in itself add to the individual's healing process, as setting up a constellation is an attempt to release the source points or possible factors playing a role in the dis-ease. At other times working with disease and even the possibility of a terminal situation, constellations are very effective in helping a person come to accept what they do not have the power to change. We regard physical and mental illnesses with utmost respect because the meaning of the condition on a person's soul may be the polar opposite to what our personalities or society says about the condition.

Constellations for illness and disease can be done within a seminar setting or privately. Similar to other types of constellations, these sessions try to bring to the surface unconscious themes, helping the client learn an underlying truth and then allowing the energy in the constellation to find its balance point. This truth-finding and rebalancing may then help the client shift their relationship to the illness. Since it is our unconscious that has the most profound effect on the experience of illness, it can be expected that when consciousness is clarified, the perception of discomfort begins to shift and it is possible that the symptoms themselves can change. One way constellations seem to consistently help people with their relationship to illness is by strengthening their connection to their family soul.

Work, Career, Businesses and Organizations
Managers, CEOs and family businesses trying to gain a better understanding of workplace dynamics have used organizational constellations in Europe for over fifteen years. Addressing workplace issues requires an approach consistent with those used in the other areas. The facilitator asks the client what the primary issue is, and then to identify the important people surrounding it. Using representatives, strengths and weaknesses of various departments and/or employees are brought to light. The insights and understanding of the hidden dynamics come to the surface as the feelings - as well as the comfortable and uncomfortable positions - are found for the representatives. In the process, the client begins to see their part in the situation with more clarity and the factors contributing to the issue are highlighted. Like family constellation it is difficult to have the actual people of the organization in the constellation. It is just too vulnerable and the patterns are too entrenched in the personalities of the individuals for them to be objective. However, having strangers as representatives allows for illumination without anyone being singled out. Everyone is taking an equal risk in allowing themselves to be represented.

Constellations are very helpful for people trying to determine direction in regards to career, employment and their true feelings about their work situation. A person's way of paying for or not paying for their way in life often has direct links to their family of origin.
When we can let something or someone be, we can stop judging, explaining, moralizing, imposing our concepts and interpretations, and instead perceive and acknowledge what really is, and thereby open up the possibilities of transformation.

~Ralph Metzner